If you would like to make a donation, please feel free.  These donations will be used to pruchase decorations, raffle items and other items that would add to the fun of the reunion!

Ok guys......need a favor from everyone!!!!

Even if you are not planning on attending, or are "all in" please send me a current picture of yourself, (this picture does not have to be of you by yourself, it can have your family in it too). 

I also would like you to answer the following questions:

Where do you live? (no exact addresses please, county and state would be sufficient)

What are you up to? (occupation, hobbies etc...)

Favorite high school memory (if you have one 😊)

I will be taking this information to put together a movie to view the night of our reunion. 

Please message me with this or if it is easier you can email me! lgteach85@yahoo.com

Look forward to seeing everyone!!

Reunion July 22nd 6pm-10pm at Wyncote Golf Course

Tickets must have been purchased ahead of time to attend.

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Goal: $ 5,000